Cleanmarine® High Strength Krill Oil

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Krill oil is an omega 3 power source and considered to be a stronger option over fish oil. Unlike many fish oils, Krill oil does not contain any pollutants, so it doesn’t need to undergo the harsh processing that fish oils require.

Krill are rich in the very potent anti-oxidant Astaxanthin. As well as giving them their pink colour, it contains the health-promoting properties of anti-oxidants. Astaxanthin keeps krill oil so fresh that there is no need to add any preservatives to maintain long-term stability.
Cleanmarine® Krill Oil is sourced from the cleanest ocean on the planet – The Antarctic, which is what makes it the best krill oil.



Krill are shrimp like crustaceans that live in the ocean. They measure approximately two inches (about the size of an adult’s little finger) and weigh around the same as a paperclip. The word “krill” is Norwegian for “young fry or fish” and they are also known as “Euphausia Superba”.                                                                                                                   With large black eyes, krill are mostly translucent, although their shells have a distinct red tinge. Actual Size: 2½ inches (or your pinky finger). Krill have a hard exoskeleton, a segmented body and many legs which they use for swimming and eating. They use their frontal appendages to filter out food from the water in even the harshest Antarctic weather conditions, these are resilient little creatures!

Krill float in huge swarms in oceans all over the world. These swarms sometimes reach densities that can turn the surface of the ocean pinkish-red.

Survey results have suggested that krill density is approximately 2.5 times greater in the West Atlantic than the Indian Ocean. The southern limits of the distribution are not known exactly, as a significant proportion of the krill population extends under pack ice where it cannot be detected. Nevertheless, biomass estimates of this species suggest that it is the most abundant on Earth.

They eat small microscopic plants (phytoplankton – a rich source of omega 3 and chlorophyll) that drift near the ocean’s surface and survive on carbon dioxide and the sun’s rays. Krill also eat small microscopic animals (zooplankton).

Each capsule of Cleanmarine Krill Oil contains 590mg of concentrated, high strength Omega 3 Krill Oil! Now with even higher levels of EPA, DHA, Astaxanthin and Choline. This concentrated formula provides the essential fatty acids required for the normal function of the heart, brain and vision.



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