Organic Lucuma Powder


Grow in the heart of the South American valleys, the Lucuma, also known as the ‘Fruit of life’ or ‘Gold of the Incas’, a caramel-flavoured fruit develops a bright sweet orange flesh with a lot more than just a lovely taste…

  • High in fibre
  • Iron, potassium and zinc
  • Natural sweetener


Lucuma powder is a subtly flavoured tropical fruit that acts as an excellent natural sweetener. Despite its sweetness, Lucuma has a very low glycemic index of 25 making it a safe alternative for diabetics.

A delicately-flavoured fruit that originated in Perú. This gluten free antioxidant is packed with fibre, minerals and vitamins. The naturally occurring flavonoids contained in Lucuma have been shown to help prevent coronary heart disease and cancer.

Recent research also shows that Lucuma may be helpful for supporting skin health and wound healing due to its impressive anti-inflammatory properties.

Ingredients: 100% Organic lucuma powder

Flavour: Subtle sweetness comparable to caramel, pumpkin and maple

Suggested serving: 20 g daily as part of a balanced diet

Uses: Add this versatile and gluten free powder to dessert dishes, smoothies and shakes. Why not try making your own ice cream – Lucuma is the most popular ice cream flavour in Peru and is complemented by our cacao products.

Warning: May contain traces of nuts and peanuts


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